Who we are

Boogie Naipe production’s idea came out in 2009 with Mano Brown and some friends who wanted to make a difference and create more than one brand, launching a strong trend in the market. More than that, a company that would provide an authentic style to its clients, in 2013, Dr. Eliane Dias elaborates and makes feasible the idea of ​​Mano Brown starting the new production company responsible for the careers of Racionais Mc’s and Mano Brown (Solo).

The words Boogie Naipe represent an independent posture, “Boogie” is a style coming from the blues, with own peculiar rhythms and “Naipe” means a person with totally original style. The idea is to create a pleasant feeling of living and acting, to feel unique in sharing the Boogie Naipe philosophy for example.

The purpose of Boogie Naipe is to offer services and promote events and shows with quality artists and bring the Boogie Naipe style to everyone. But all this originality cannot go forward without the presence of a very important factor: YOU. You make the style of Boogie Naipe with us.

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Boogie Naipe Partners